Security Systems

At EES Yorkshire we provide customers with a variety of exceptional electrical services. We have a team of locally sourced technicians which means they’re always on-hand to complete a swift job of the highest standards possible.

We have plenty of experience in the local area, and a load of positive reviews backing up our sublime service. We live and die by the mantra that the customer comes first. Your needs are our priority, and we’ll always leave you satisfied.

A lot of our general electrical services revolve around wiring and rewiring of your electrical systems. However, we’re also a proud provider of fantastic security systems to help keep your property safe. Regardless of whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer, we have the skills to wire and install a security system for you.

Domestic Security Systems

We understand the importance of keeping your home safe and secure. All homes need to have a modern – and working – security system installed. Home burglaries are far too common in and around Yorkshire, so it pays to know your burglar alarm is working, and that you have other security measures in place.

Our company will come to your home and conduct a free consultation where we will go over our service. This involves testing your existing security system, and figuring out if it needs a simple rewiring or replaced by a more updated system. During this consultation, we’ll give you a free quote with zero obligations attached. If you like what you hear, then we can go ahead and book you in for our service.

Commercial Security Systems

As well as our domestic security system service, we also provide services for commercial clients. If you own a business – or any other type of commercial property – then you desperately need to improve your security. A commercial property without a working security system is easily susceptible to burglaries and break-ins. If this happens, it could cost your business a lot of money as important things get stolen. Furthermore, the disruption could lead to you missing out on customers.

Again, we offer a free consultation to look over your property and discuss your security system needs. If you’re happy with the free quote we provide, then we’ll be eager to get started at a time that suits you best. Here, we can install a commercial security system that keeps your business well protected.

We carry out all security system installations and electrical work ourselves. Our company has well over 30 years experience in this industry, meaning we know all the tricks of the trade. We’ll send out a local technician to take on the job and provide their expert skills and knowledge to help you out. They’ll do all the wiring work, test the system, and won’t leave until you’re satisfied. All of our consultations are carried out immediately too. This means you wait for less time, and can take action quicker.

To experience a top-level service from multi-skilled electricians, contact us today. We’ll help you with everything it takes to make your property safer and more secure.